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Friday, 8 May 2015

Birthday Beast!

So last week marked The Beast's 4th birthday.
As we celebrate another year on this Earth of ours (as I also do this week- why do the years seem to fly by even faster once you pass 30!), it is only natural to reflect upon what you have or haven't done over the years that are passing by way too quickly!
The Beast has given me so much independence and so much more of a fulfilling life compared to that which I lead before I accepted it, that I honestly don't know how to begin writing my homage to my partner in crime!
As I have mentioned previously in my ramblings, he/she/it has quite literally given me my life back and enabled me to fulfil me dreams of being a mummy-  but that being said, I did fight having to use it for some time as I saw having to use it regularly as losing the fight against my condition.

Thankfully, with a little help from my chronic pain psychologist I came to realise that I didn't need to fight against it at all, but rather accept the reality that my condition was not going away, so finding a way to live with it was the only way to move forward with my life and not be confined to my bed by trying to walk too often and then paying the price with hideous pain and spasms that would leave me bed bound for weeks/months on end.

Although I had had wheelchairs prior to my beauteous Beast, this shiny new speed demon, came complete with off road capabilities, whilst at the same time was slender enough to manoeuvre around shops, bars and restaurants! The wondrous thing even came with snow chains!
It literally opened areas of my old life back up for me, where doors had previously been shut both  metaphorically and literally.
The Beast has been on planes, trains and automobiles, as well as car ferries, fishing boats and London
buses, as well as the few London tube routes which are accessible- (don't get my rage started on this one!)
It's been lifted up restaurant staircases, and down to basement bars and comedy clubs, (not an easy
feet at 100kg without me in it!).
It's been stuck on a beach in the Maldives, and on the Isle of Wight- (both equally as glamourous I may add!), visited The Houses of Parliament, met royalty, stars of Strictly Come Dancing and the London GB teams and even the legendary Mr Kevin McCloud!!     (I love him!)
 It has served as a taxi to drunken friends in need of a lift home on my lap following a night out and doubled as a buggy, a shopping trolley, (my current record for Sainsburys bags on the back still stands at 12!), changing table and high chair.

It has dodged toddlers and tiaras in Disneyworld, been stuck in mud at The Isle of Wight Festival, served as a table for crisps and bar snacks, run over countless toes in crowded bars, torn up the dance floor at many a military ball and wedding (taking out a few more of those toes in the process!) and been smashed into a palm tree by an airline pilot who was out of his tree!
It has enabled me to go to weddings, nights out and concerts I would have previously never been able to go to and enabled me to join my family on treks where previously I would have had to sit in the car.
Most importantly my Beast has enabled me to be a mummy to my Barley and my Florrie.
I wouldn't be able to do so many activities with either of them if it wasn't for the Beast.
It's true, the poor love has seen better days and is looking a little worse for wear nowadays, with side lights, (or disco lights as they are used for on the dance floor at parties!), currently only half working, (in that I ripped one clean off!) and I am still missing the right arm rest and side panel.
The knob to my joystick is missing, (no doubt posted down some drain by my toddler), as are my hubcaps and Garry has just finished replacing my two front tires.
It is more often than not caked in mud, Florrie sticky paw prints and has been known to be splashed with baby food, baby puke and many other bodily fluids you would rather I not mention.
It has been used to hang poo bags on on dog walks and many of you may already know that it is a regular occurrence for me to forget the presence of said poo bags (and their contents!) and then drive my chair into restaurants, supermarkets and even beauty salons! Classy!
My dearest Beast- I love you and I feel so grateful for your presence in my life!
I would not have been physically able to do even a small percentage of these things without you by my side (or under my bum!)
To think I used to see you as a negative, I now see you are just my facility to keep living life at 100mph, (or more accurately 12kmph in optimum conditions!)
I too become another year older tomorrow and although like you my Beast, I am physically a little worse for wear, emotionally I am healthier than I've been in a long time and that is largely thanks to you.
I'm not sure that I could say that I'm becoming wiser with age, but I certainly am becoming more appreciative of the really important things in my incredibly blessed life.
Cheers to The Beast and cheers to you all, my family, friends and incredibly lovely followers to so kindly take so much time to write to me.
Here's to another pretty bloody wonderful year on this Earth!