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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


I have a Pimms in hand whilst sat at a computer writing a blog post, it could only mean one thing…

He's back!

What has seemed the longest ever time that my husband has ever been away, (even though it isn't even remotely close to being so), has finally come to an end, after his safe return yesterday. Thank God.

The reason why this detachment has seemed so long compared to the others, I can put down to one thing- Florrie can move and FAST!

Fast out-crawling, out-toddling and at times outwitting me, the little monkey has spent the last five weeks acquiring all of these new skills to show off to her Daddy upon his return,

at the cost of her Mummy's sanity!

Despite the use of play pens, (or Baby Cages as they are affectionately known in our household!), stand in walkers and numerous other baby entertaining devices, the little monkey would still rather splash in the dog bowl, climb on the poor long suffering pooch, or play with the drain cover in my downstairs wetroom to keep herself amused!

I am of course naturally thrilled that she is able and so inclined to fulfil all of her milestones, and of course enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom whilst toddling around on her little feet, but boy, it was a whole lot easier when you could put her down and know where she was! That being said her ability to stand up does help me when trying to lift her up.
 I looks like I just have to appreciate that this is just a new chapter and stage to learn and adapt to, which of course, naturally comes at a time when I just felt like I was getting the hang of the last stage!

I'm sure I am receiving knowing smirks from any parents amongst you lovely Discover Disability readers: these little miracles really are sent to challenge us and push us to and past all known physical and emotional limits aren't they!

It has and continues to be my personal physical limitations that I worry about, but I just have to adapt to things as best as I can and spend extra time and energy baby proofing and reiterating the things that are 'hot' and 'ouchy'.
To be honest the little monkey does a lot better than my hubby after a couple of beers and he's nearly 40 years not 40 weeks!

It's only when I sit to write this blog that I remind myself that some people regard my parenting as any different to anyone else's, after all, it is all I know doing this parenting thing with my mobility and chronic pain issues, and I can also always appreciate that so many of us have restrictions/complications of one form or another, it's just at times mine are a little more obvious to the outside world when I am driving my 'road-train' as friends have been known to refer to my wheelchair, buggy, dog convoy!
I am also reminded that I am slightly different when remarks are made in my presence.

Only today my little family and I were sat enjoying a lovely pub lunch in the sunshine on this gorgeous Bank Holiday, when two lovely old ladies came to join us on our table.
Both ladies were very friendly and besotted with both baby and pooch: we sat chatting with them for about half an hour before I excused myself to go to the ladies. As I handed over my daughter and adjusted my control panel on my chair to reverse out of the tight space in the beer garden, I caught one of the lovely ladies leaning forward to the other and forgetting all meaning of the world 'subtlety', cupped her hand in front of her mouth and stage whispered,
"Oi Betty, she's in a wheelchair!"

Not wanting to embarrass this lovely lady, I did my best to suppress my smirk and continue on my way to spend a penny.

Garry had missed this remark altogether which was probably just as well, as he wouldn't have been so successful at suppressing that smirk or gentle comment, although informed me afterwards that my absence was filled with questions about how I cope and what I do in this and that situation.

Most of those questions I would have struggled to answer myself, as as much as you can try to be prepared and think ahead to how you would get around certain situations, the simple truth is that babies and children are as unpredictable as life itself and in many cases I just have to get through whatever happens that second, minute or hour the best that I can.

Naturally certain provisions are put in place for when Garry is away with work, but even then curve balls are thrown at me as they were on this occasion, but I do have AMAZING friends and family who help me so much to be the parent I dreamt so long of being!

I do find that when I am out with Florrie and my wheelchair I am so often given a second look by those passing me in the street. Some, whilst on bus journeys or sat in a social situation like today, will ask me what I do for certain things and some before I even became pregnant even expressed to me that they didn't think it was fair on the child for me to attempt this challenge, but I also assured them that my child would never go short of love and I would strive to do my very best, which is a lot more than some parents do who don't have some of the
physical obstacles or limitations that I do.

On the whole, the reaction I receive from strangers on the street is positive, when confronted by my 'road train'.  Many will smile or even rest a hand on me and say 'well done'. Some may find this patronising, but I know that it is meant with kindness and encouragement - but it always takes me by surprise, I always forget that I should look any different to the mum next to me pushing her pram. I'm just parenting the best that I can, which all to often through teething and it's associated sleepless night, doesn't feel that great!

…and on that note, I must dash, as the 'In The Night Garden' draws to a close, so perfectly in sync with my daughter's batteries, I must dash and remind Garry of where all of the bath and bedtime bits belong!

I hope that you too have had a lovely Bank Holiday.

….Hark- that cry tells me that Mummy's computer time has most definitely drawn to a close!

Have a lovely evening folks, I may be absent for a few more days than I would like to be as birthday plans are afoot along with some essential post-deployment Reader family catch up time!

Until the next time.