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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A well overdue catch up...

Hello all, how is life treating you?
 Apologies as always for such a break in proceedings, life has been somewhat crazy this end with my husband away with the RAF for almost half of the time since I last managed to write a post.

Parenting with my pain levels and restricted mobility I will admit can be pretty tricky at times, but doing so solo just hampers my ability to do many things, not least write my blog, so huge apologies for my absence.
As always, the laws of being a military wife/mother state that everything that could go wrong, does so whilst you're other half is away!
Last time Garry was away you simply couldn't make it up, as amongst other events my Dad was admitted to hospital, my daughter developed scarlet fever and then shortly after developing a severe upset stomach (we were living in a flat on the 11th floor at the time!)- the dog decided to do a kamikaze jump off a sea wall damaging his already severely arthritic hips!

Thankfully I have now moved from my 11th storey flat to a specially converted house which has made life considerably easier: however moving to this house has been difficult enough in its own right, after 4 years without having to move, I believe that I had indeed forgotten the truth in the old adage that moving house is the 3rd most stressful life event, particularly when you're husband has to do so whilst preparing to be deployed.
Despite the craziness that has been my home life of late, I am pleased to report that life in general is still pretty wonderful, not least because Florrie continues to bring joy and increased purpose to my life.
At 8 months old now, and considerably more mobile than I, she continues to test my physical limitations as I struggle to keep up with her and her cheekiness in stealing my walking sticks, driving my electric wheelchair round in circles when I'm not looking at the distance between her hands and the controls and generally using the dog as a climbing frame!
Despite these tests, my heart is so full of love and joy that it makes all the pain and obstacles worthwhile.
I know now the true extent of how much emotional health can assist living with chronic physical pain and health. Despite this being expressed to me countless times by my pain clinic psychologist, and even me setting up my charity Get a life! Foundation to help provide emotional support for people who become disabled and their families- I don't think I have ever realised this fully until now.
I find that chronic pain is often easier to cope with when your mind and spirit are in a good place, but getting to that healthy place in body and spirit is such a hard thing to do after becoming disabled/ill as the worry and despair of your situation can exacerbate pain through stress and anxiety which are proven to cause tension in your body which can make some pain worse.
I always feel slightly concerned when expressing this sentiment, as people who have been fortunate enough to have never felt the nightmare of chronic pain sometimes misunderstand and think that I am saying that my neurological pain is somehow within my control, whereas the actual truth for myself presently, is that it is just made easier to cope with by practising mindfulness, keeping myself positive and drawing strength from my faith and the wonderful blessings that surround me.
What is also making my pain easier to cope with today, is that my little monkeys (Florrie and Barley the long suffering Golden Retriever), are both currently napping peacefully and allowing me to rest my weary body on the sofa for twenty minutes and catch up on some jobs on my iPhone. Woo Hoo for naps and
Woo Hoo for wireless technology!

Wishing you all a lovely day in the sunshine. (This blog was started earlier in the week when the sun was indeed shining! Sadly poorly dogs and babies once again got in the way of completing this post and hitting 'send', so I shall now add a "Happy Easter' greeting, to my already rambling list of wishes to finally conclude this little ditty!)
If the sunshine has made you smile this morning and you fancy doing something wonderful today, then take a look at the Facebook page of my charity Get a Life! Foundation.
Last week four members of my husband's RAF Squadron did an amazing thing and cycled 15 hours over a 90 mile route around every football league club in London for my charity!
The guys also did a huge collection around RAF Northolt raising over £1000 for Get a Life! Foundation.
The donation page is still open for another month and half, so if you have a spare £1 today, do please click this link to donate whatever you can.
Donate to 32 Sqn Fundraising for GAL! Foundation
As a charity so much in its infancy, your pennies really do make a massive difference!

I hope to be back in touch when the husband returns allowing my hands time away enough from my teething little monkey to fit in a little catch up to you all.

…and finally to you all, I send huge thanks and gratitude- as I see over 80,000 of you have now taken the time to actually enter my little site and take a read and share with others. Thank you.

Until the next time...