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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2013 What a Year! Here's Mine In Piccies…

Happy New Year to you all!

…and sincere apologies for yet another absence of a few weeks.

I have five or six half written posts here in my draft folder but, with a combination of Christmas, the RAF commandeering my husband over the Christmas period and my continual adjustment to coping with life with my pain and a small baby- I was just simply unable to find time to finish said half written posts. So sorry.

I hope that despite your own personal challenges, be them physical or emotional, that you were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas and I pray that the coming year will be filled with improved health and  happiness for you all.

Well at a time when we all find ourselves reflecting on the previous year, I think it's safe to say that this has been an eventful and significant one for my family and I.

Ever a fan of a piccie or two (and after my last few paragraphs decided to delete themselves and baby's nap time looks to be drawing to a close!), I thought I would reflect upon the last year in a pictorial review!

What an incredible 12 months it has been- even though there has been an unimaginable amount of physical pain, the utter joy that has entered my life in the last year has made all else pale into insignificance.

I feel so blessed to have my Florrie after seven years of being told that having her would be near enough impossible and if I were lucky enough to succeed in my quest to do so, then I'd be unable to function as a mum to her.

Like most mums I am far from perfect and I end each day with an immense list of tasks that I have failed to complete, which just seems to get greater and greater with each passing day, to the point that if I actually tried to sit and make a list of said tasks, the task alone of doing so would take me all day!

What I do have is a heart full of love right now and despite the doctors' fears over my pain levels, it is a lot easier to deal with pain when you have happiness and love in your heart than fear and despair.

Each night I go to bed thinking I could not possibly be happier and could not love anyone anymore and each morning I am corrected when Florrie smiles and me and snuggles in for her morning cuddles.

This is the way I embark upon this year, continuing to take each day at a time and striving for more and more independence, whilst also trying not to mourn too greatly the things that I can no longer do.

I pray that you may find the same peace and happiness in your hearts.

God bless you and your families this year. Happy 2014,

Love and best wishes


(…and 'hello', 'woof' and 'gurgles' from Garry, Barley and Florrie. x x x)

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