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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Baby I'm Back!

Well, I am starting this morning with an apology and for once it's not for my lack of contact, (that goes without saying- but will hopefully all be explained). 

My apology is instead an advance warning for the poor grammar and many typos that are likely to litter this post, the reason being I am  currently sleep deprived, on virtually non existent pain medication,  juggling life with the added disability of being one handed, (as well as my sticks and/or wheelchair) and whilst having a small person attached to me in some way shape or form 24/7- yep, you've guessed it- I've had a baby!

For those of you regular readers of my blog, you will be aware of my battle for this dream to be made a reality and my subsequent delight when I became pregnant this time last year.

Despite not having the easiest or most straight forward of pregnancies, (not least because I spent the 40weeks determined to come off morphine after seven years if at all possible),  but despite this and the other complications, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl 2 months ago.

My little girl Florence is quite literally my dream come true.

She has made my husband and I happy beyond our wildest dreams.

Despite this elation and joy that my munchkin brings me each day, the reality of life with a baby and a disability is difficult, not least because the is little to no adapted baby equipment to help people with disabilities parent.

Instead we have had to be inventive to find ways around the day to day things that people take for granted, like taking your baby for a walk in the park and getting on a bus or manoeuvring around shops.

Despite a few custom made models, (that although are great to see- need much development for people such as me who can only use electric wheelchairs), there are no prams, buggies or travel systems to be attached or especially used in conjunction with a wheelchair available to buy.

Although Garry and I have spent many an evening passionately discussing what we would develop ourselves to make  life with a wheelchair and a baby easier; the reality of our jobs as an RAF pilot and a charity director and coping with chronic pain, a difficult pregnancy and now a newborn- means that unless one of you reading this has the funds and/or know how to make our vision a reality, it has not been possible to take our ideas any further.

Regardless of the inevitable difficulties, life as a mum of our little lady is just wonderful.

There is obviously plenty I could moan to you about coping without certain opiates in order that I can breast feed, (& no doubt in time I'm sure I will), but today I just want to share with you my joy & positive story that despite being told for the past 7 years that having a baby would not be possible/advisable with my spinal condition- I have obviously defied the doctors' concerns & been blessed with my ultimate dream of becoming a Mummy.

I look forward to sharing with you more tales of life with dog, wheelchair & baby (not to mention childlike husband!), as there are sure to be many stories around the corner, both frustrating and entertaining in equal measure.

In the meantime I wish you a wonderful day & hope that whatever your challenges in life, that you are able to enjoy the precious diamonds amongst the dust that keep yopu going and make life so special for you.

I look forward to posting again very soon, but right now- I'm off to change a nappy!

Love & best wishes

Kaz. x

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