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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Paralympic Fever

Hi all, I hope that you are well and that you enjoyed this weekend's Paralympic Games action as much as I did!

Two words this evening- DAVID WEIR!


After being fortunate enough to be given tickets to Friday's opening day of the track and field competition, I have to confess to getting a little carried away with the excitement of actually being in The Olympic Park and may just have done what a write so much about trying to avoid- overdoing it and paying the price for my over excitement later.

Regret was not the word at 3am this morning!

I'm sure that those of you who have been following my ramblings for some time now and who are therefore aware of my neurological disease Arachnoiditis, (which causes me immense and unrelenting chronic pain, which is made all the more unbearable when I overdo things by moving around too much or even sit in my chair for too long)- will know that these self induced relapses are far from a rare occurrence due to my reluctance to sit back and accept that my situation is physically limiting!

Friday's setback was definitely caused by spending way too many hours sat in my wheelchair. I inevitably paid for my wonderful experience for the rest of the weekend, with three hours sleep, maxing out on morphine and and being stuck in my bed! Ahhhhh!

Turn the clock back three days, and despite these hellish few days- right now, ( admittedly when my pain is reasonably controlled by my recently administered neuro drugs and morphine!) I would have not have changed a thing as I got to see the wonderful Hannah Cockcroft sprint to victory in her 100m heat on Friday morning, and the pain was made all the more bearable when the rather wonderful and particularly considerate Cockcroft went on to cheer me up even more from my bed confined moping, by going on to win the 100m title for her category leaving dust in her wake. Phenomenal!

With the crazy pain still very much resident in my legs and buttocks, I am finding it increasingly hard to sit at my desk and write to you tonight, so apologise that I may now have to bid you farewell as I take refuge again in my bed!

With much greatly appreciated craziness going on right now in my life with the start of my charity Get a Life! 

...I apologise that I have not been around writing to you as much as I would have liked to, but I hope that this crazy period of admin and interviews will die down soon enough so that I can get back to chatting to you about the challenges of accepting and adapting to life with physical restrictions, pain and/or illness.

In the meantime, should you have a few minutes, please take the time to check out Get a Life!'s website.

I wish you health and happiness this week and urge you to tune into the phenomenal feeds of The Paralympic games on Channel 4, Channel 4 + 1, or even 4oD.

Whilst I think of it, I also really urge you to watch the very funny Adam Hill's 'The Last Leg' each night after the Paralympic coverage.  It is just AWESOME!

Have a great week guys.



  1. Hi Karen, I am so envious of your being at the paralympics. We've been watching it every day and also the after show,"The Last Leg". Its so funny. And at the same time I feel sad that this is all going to end up as a short term trend. I wish there were more disabled actors and presenters on the TV, and also shows more aimed for the disabled. The last leg is so funny and entertaining and I'm gonna miss it. The olympics and paralympics has inspired my husband and I to take up a new sport :D I'm pleased to say...you never know, Rio here we come,lol.

  2. Can't believe you were given Paralympics tickets?! So jealous! I was totally overwhelmed by David Weir's amazing performance, the way he just came out of nowhere. It gave me goose pimples, if you know what I mean. Amazing. Sorry to hear you've been in pain because of it. Hope you're feeling better. Keep blogging! xx

  3. We went on Tuesday, it was so fantastic! We saw David Devine and the Weirwolf kicking ass :) also the last leg has been making us breathless with laughter. Love ya x