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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

If you watch one TV programme this year...

... make it 'Best of British: This is Rehab', Channel 4, available on 4od.

This programme embodies the spirit and message of my charitable cause!

These people were you or I until a random moment changed the course of their lives forever!

One women had a brain hemorrhage; one guy a car accident and one guy (a roofer), simply fell off a chair at home and woke up in intensive care, a tetraplegic!!

As I keep on saying-


You are NOT immune to this being you- however wealthy, healthy, ambitious or positive you may be as an individual.

I say this not to scare you, or make you feel uncomfortable, or guilty of your own fortunate physical circumstances- but to make you aware, (if you have not already leaned the hard way), that life is so bloody precious!

You must treasure every second, as you just have NO idea what is around the corner!

If we can raise enough funds, through your donations, I believe that WE REALLY CAN change the lives of those who have been touched by life changing illness or injury, and the families of those people directly affected, by providing them with the emotional tools to accept, embrace and adapt to their new lives, and to learn to live them in new ways and to find a way to life those new lives to the full.

They need the tools to feel empowered to take back their lives for themselves!

I believe that Get a Life! can provide those tools and get people back their precious, precious lives!

After watching that programme- please then visit Get A Life!'s website at-


Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some difficulties with our Just Giving link, but we hope to have this fixed by the end of the week.

Sleep well & say thank you for what you do have, however small, or perceived as insignificant.

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