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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Reason to Smile- Cheers Daddy

In an attempt to catch up with the 'youth' around him, ( namely myself & my 32 year old brother- dubious statement I realise!)- my Dad is one of those retired men in his mid-sixties, who has taken to sending out to all on his email contacts list, copious links to comedy photos, quotes and You Tube vids!
I have to make a rather public confession to my dear Daddy this evening- that as much as I love him, I very rarely, (and that's quite generous!) even open these generic messages; but having finally cleared my hotmail inbox from 704 to 22 this morning, something in me decided to take a little peek for once.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I think all who know me, or have even perhaps only ever read just one of my posts- will surely know by now of my deep affection for dogs and my longing, ( as I all too hastily approach the big 3 0) for a baby!

The combination of the two, I believe is enough to melt anyone's heart- particularly in this context: so I hope that the following piccies perk up your spirit this evening, as much as they have done mine!

I naturally particularly treasure the Golden Retriever photos. I only hope that my spoilt Barley will be just as accommodating when we ( God willing) begin our family in the near future: however knowing him I think that his spoilt 'only dog' character would feel a little put out by any baby's arrival, however much they may potentially share their food with him and use him as a life size cuddly toy!

I swear my crazy pooch is becoming more cantankerous by the day bless him! Come to think of it, so is my Dad for that matter!

Well, talk of the devil- he ( Barley), is staring up at me as I type. With those huge brown eyes, and perfectly arranged facial expression for maximum affect- curled up on the sofa he looks so incredibly comfy!
I need to be that comfy, so on that note I am off to my bed.
Sleep well everyone. I hope that tomorrow is a wonderful day for you.

Talking of which, I have to quickly tell you how I have been blessed with discovering a new positive thinking/ time management technique of sorting my day into 15minute chunks, as I am finding it incredibly enlightening.
 The book that I am half way through and can not wait to finish, is called 'The 15 Minute Rule' and is written by Caroline Buchanan.

Suffering a little with a gift from my husband of a stinking, rotten cold- I am off to my bed at 9.50pm to snuggle up with my Olbas Oil and Vicks soaked hot water bottle, ( otherwise known as Garry!), to hopefully make headway in finishing this ( I believe to be) life changing book- so that on completion I can hopefully share with you the positive techniques that I have learnt.

Once again, I wish you a fantastic 2nd May 2012. Remember that you will never get another opportunity to live that unique day again, so do with it something special if you can!

Look forward to speaking to you soon everyone.

Take care,

Karen x

There are  days that you receive an E-mail that
just makes a day a little better.  
                                      Who needs a  babysitter?


Have  A Great Day


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