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Thursday, 26 April 2012


Eau de damp dog fills the air, and soaked to the skin, juggling wet iphone and tangled headphones, I return from a less than sunny dog walk!
It's times like these when it is so easy to adopt the stereotypical British mentality to moan about the weather; but armed with my new found armour of positive attitude, I'm determine that a little rain won't dampen my newly ameliorated spirits.
In fact I was only recently discussing with a friend who's a born and raised California, the merits of living in a country with such varied weather!

I love the changes of the seasons and actually enjoy a good walk in the rain listening to a bit of Jeremy Vine on my iphone. I know, I know- I'm twenty eight not forty eight, but what can I say- the girl loves a bit of Radio 2!!
What is not so much fun is dealing with the aftermath of a damp dog who encounters one of his best doggy pals in the park and decides to have a good roll in the mud! Brilliant- thanks Barley!

Variety is the spice of life and there is nothing more varied than the British weather, with soaring sunny days in March and snow in Spring and the biggest and most recent contradiction of them all- flood warnings during an official period of drought! Only in the UK.

Last Wednesday I was given steroid injections in each hip in an attempt by my GP to curtail my ever increasing pain in my hips. Unfortunately, as was the same when I used to receive regular steroid epidural injections in my spine- the injections have thus far had little positive affect and have instead caused me a massive increase in pain.

It is warned that this increase in pain may well be the case for up to a fortnight following the procedure, so unfortunately I am currently stuck in groundhog day as I struggle to sleep with unrelenting pain; wake in the night with unrelenting pain; wake in the morning with unrelenting pain and try and get through my day with unrelenting pain.
Regular readers may well wonder how different this situation actually is to my normal daily routine that I moan to you about- and you would be right to ponder such a thought, as this perpetual pain riddled hell has indeed been my life for near on six years now: however recently I had finally got myself to a longed for stage in my rehabilitation, where through my hours of pouring over theology, philosophy and general positive thinking and meditation books- I have finally acquired the knowledge and skills to apply techniques and philosophies to my day to day living, in an attempt to live a more sustained and stress free existence.

An advocate of the teachings of Rhonda Byrne, I have been spending each morning compiling a list of ten things that I am thankful for that day. I also read my Daily Teachings book which gives me a Bible teaching morning and night to ruminate upon, and between the two very different, yet equally inspiring philosophies, I have found myself in a position of a much more balanced and positive mind.

With this improved emotional state and applied meditational techniques, I have found myself in a position where I have been able to deal with my never ceasing pain in a much better way- the most significant point that I have found to be most beneficial, is to not to beat myself up and let my emotional state spin out of control if I find myself bed bound for an hour, afternoon or even a day due to pain- as this negative emotion and subsequent anxiety, will only exacerbate my pain.

In the same vein as this thought, I feel it is now imperative that I do not let this setback of this HUGE increase in pain and spasms let this positive attitude slip back to a thoroughly unhealthy place.

Having been unable to sleep until 4am and confined to my bed until 11am this morning, I felt my mood steadily slide, as I thought of what a slip this was from the improved sleeping pattern that I had worked so hard to achieve.

When I finally rose at 11.20am and pulled up my blinds only to be confronted by a dull and dreary day- I drew upon my acquired positive thinking techniques and spent time before my day commenced, focusing upon all of the positives of the wet weather in front of me.

- We're in a drought!

- My dog will love splashing in the puddles!

and finally...

- I love the aroma of the rain soaked vegetation in the park!

There were other positives that I focused upon today, such as how grateful I was to have the help and support of family around me and how grateful I am to have a roof over my head, ( particularly in this weather!),  and a comfortable bed in which to sleep in, when so many others in my city are not so fortunate.

Well, with that said and 'The Apprentice' finished, I am off to bed to read my pages of positivity!

Tomorrow is a new day, another day that when it is over you will never get back- so I'm going to try and make the most of it. If like me though, you are not able to always get out and are instead confined to laying around indoors- let's not make that situation even more negative by letting ourselves get into a negative emotional spin and allow ourselves to spend that time down and depressed.

Have the best 27th April 2012 that you can everyone despite any torrential rain that you may experience! Sleep well. x

1 comment:

  1. hi hun, thank you for such a great post, it really inspiredme. i too love a walk or wheel in the rain with the dogs even when i know ill have to face 3 wet dogs when i get in! i was wondering bout the steriod injections you had in hips and spine.. i too have had theese and i also had bad pain and spasm as a result. i was asking because they said it was only safe to have a max of 3 per joint due to risk of arthritis ( that i already have!) i am now not allowed any more steroid injections anywhere.have the drs mentioned anything like that to you???. i was suggested ultrasound, i have had it on my knee and it did help as it didnt interfere with any joints or ligaments. maybe it might help you a bit and at least ease some pain. the person to speak to is a good physio. you have probably tried most things like me but if you havent it may just help.
    take care xx