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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Twas The Night Before Christmas...

...and my blog had hit 15000 visits- hooray! Yet my pain was through the roof- booooo!
Well whatever your situationmay be, there is nothing more that you can do for your Christmas preparations now- the presents are bought and hopefully wrapped and labelled, (I'm notorious for wrapping prezzies and not putting names on them! I have already had to unwrap a mere six presents this year to find out what they are and who they are for, only to have to re-wrap them once more! ).
I am afraid it's only a short little message this evening, as I can barely have one hand free at a time this evening, as my back spasms and sciatic leg twinges are such that they are so strong I can barely have a hand free to eat or administer my own drugs as I am having to push both arms on the seat/bed to take the pressure off of my bottom!
With this said restriction, which consequently means I can barely type without excruciating agony- it only leaves me able to wish you a very Merry Christmas.
If you are lucky enough to be blessed with one, then I pray that you are with your family this evening and treasuring precious times together. If you are not so blessed in this area, then my thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope that you manage to get through these couple of days with as little physical and emotional pain as is at all possible.
Although this is thankfully a joyous time for many of us, there are all too many who have to spend this time feeling lonely, depressed, in pain and often feeling extremely irritated and on-edge due to insane, unrelenting pain!
I have to confess that this is an emotion that I can relate to at the moment. I am currently unable to move from the sofa, ( which is the ipeitomie of frustration in itself!) and I am only moving to get to bed via my new spangly stair lift that has been fitted at my mother's, and to also go to the toilet.
My new/old pain, ( the pain that I used to experience prior to my spinal surgery three years ago, which has been becoming less and less over the last couple of years and has now become secondary to my pain from my nervous system disease of Arachnoiditis)- is driving me insane and feels like somebody has wired me up to my father's elaborate Christmas lights electrical system, as great surges of spasm and pain regularly charge through my body rendering me unable to speak or move at all!
I have to confess that I find that when I am experiencing such relentless pain, little things that I may usually overlook suddenly, literally get on my nerves!
Add living as a family under one roof with one bathroom for the Christmas period and despite my family's patience, there is bound to be an element of snapping and biting ones lip!
Regardless of this frustration, I feel so incredibly blessed to be with such a wonderful family who care for me and are so patient, kind and supportive to me.
After a year of difficult news, I am finding this Christmas to be a time for much reflection and appreciation.
I pray that whatever your circumstances you are able to enjoy this Christmas as much as you are able.
Have a wonderful day and treasure every moment that you find to be special in whatever way.
Much love and thanks for your support this year folks. Now get to bed, or Father Christmas won't visit you!
I'm off to set out his mince pie and brandy...

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Man, that's awful that your pain was worse than usual over Christmas... here's hoping it becomes more manageable soon. I'm sure you're tired of waiting for a change, but hang in there.

  2. Wish you the best for 2012. :)