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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Luck of The Irish

Hi guys, apologies for the late post this evening, (or early morning as it is now!), but I have had an extremely busy and draining day which I will focus a little more upon in tomorrow's full blog post.
In the meantime I will leave you with today's Reason to Smile.
Those of you who have read even a handful of my posts so far, will be well aware of my love for dogs and Golden Retrievers in particular.

This love affair began when I got my own dog Barley, who has helped me so much emotionally through the darkest times of the last five years. The reason that my husband and I got a Golden Retriever over any other breed, is due to the fact that he grew up with Goldens, and his sister still even has two of her own to this day.
Both of my sister-in-laws dogs are rescued and the youngest and most recently rescued came from the wonderful charity Irish Retriever Rescue. http://www.irishretrieverrescue.com/
 Digby is missing his front left leg from the shoulder down, yet does an incredible job of out-running his sister and younger cousin Barley!
How he has adapted and overcome the problems bestowed unto him, is so wonderful to see and just shows how when there is no choice but to keep going through life, animals and people alike can achieve and overcome some incredible challenges and difficulties!
The thing that made my sister-in-law's dog's struggle come to mind this evening, was this attachment sent to me by my husband this morning. 
If you do not melt at the sight of these pictures, then you have a very cold hard indeed!
I introduce you to the incredible Monty, formerly known as Grant, (very odd name for a puppy!).
Like my sister-in-law's dog, Grant has to deal with an incredible challenge. He was born with one paw facing the wrong way and at only a matter of weeks old, has had to struggle through an immense amount of invasive treatments and operations.
Monty is a fighter like so many of you I know read this blog!
Let's not give up, no matter what is thrown our way- and today for me that has been hearing details of what having a baby whilst on my morphine, may actually mean for the child I may be bringing into this world.
I will elaborate upon this consultation tomorrow; however now it is 00.47am and I am desperately in need my bed!
Sleep tight everyone- until tomorrow...
 The wonderful Monty- http://www.irishretrieverrescue.com/2011pros/grant.html

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