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Monday, 19 September 2011

The Sensational Sprit of Two Inspirational Sisters

Evening folks, I hope that your day has been a good one.
Well, day three of my adventure as a single woman alone, (in terms of temporary state of physical existence  and not of relationship status!), and Barley and I are still alive and maintaining sanity of sorts despite our solitude!
I am really feeling the fatigue of trying to do a few more practical things on top of my already difficult daily routine, (in terms of coping with my pain and medication side effects), and as such I have been laid out upon the sofa for the past hour or two, frustrated that my great adventure has not materialised to be quite as dynamic as I had unrealistically expected it to be!
Although a little disappointed that I am not out painting the town red, I do appreciate the benefits of aiming high in order to get the best out of one's self- even if the reality is that I fall a little under my bar of harsh expectation.
Determined to still be productive despite feeling quite jaded and under the weather as a result of the affects of my increased morphine doses- I have been using this restricted movement and cognitive function to take the time to catch up with my Twitter followers and general Twitter 'admin'. Following the usual chain of 'friends of friends', I came across the profile of a wonderful woman to inspire and ignite my tired and weary spirit.
The wonderful woman, is actually by rights at 15 years old, a girl or child by accurate description- although from a brief nosey through her profile and blog, this girl is far from childish and in fact has the strength and maturity of one well beyond her years and probably even mine!
My Reason to Smile today is the story of the marvellous Alice Pyne, who on her blog profile describes her occupation as 'Full time cancer fighter'- and what a fighter this brave girl is!
Naturally one may assume that the blog of a young, extremely poorly, cancer sufferer may be a little depressing or upsetting- but Alice's page, known as Alice's Bucket List, is in stark contrast to this natural preconception and is in fact a page of positivity and passion for productivity.
The vibe or atmosphere that this profile page evokes is indeed one of irrefutable positivity despite this young lady's difficult existence. Alice's blog posts follow her attempts to realise her dreams of ticking off her 'wish list' of things that she would love to do before her precious time cruelly runs out, along with her admirable attempts to boost the British Bone Marrow Register- a link to this page will be available at the bottom of this page.
Alice poignantly writes-   'I know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this one'. This lady's blog is one not to be passed by.
Together with the efforts of her equally inspirational sister Milly- who at 12 years old has raised over £100,000 for charity and is sadly no stranger to hospitals herself, having been born with a rare genetic condition where the bones in her skull were fused at birth- this documented journey is one of joy, despite these brave girl's incomprehensible difficulties

Wonderfully, both sisters have been nominated for The Inspiration Awards for Woman, so please visit the website for the competition through the links below and cast your votes for these inspirational individuals.

The two pages below have given me back a sense of spiritual strength after what has been a mildly tricky day in comparison to those of these brave young women.
I hope that however great or grim your day may have been, that by visiting these pages you are too provided with a boost of positivity to your spirit.

The Inspiration Awards for Woman-

Milly's story-  http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/article619340.ece
British Bone Marrow Registry- http://www.nhsbt.nhs.uk/bonemarrow/index.asp

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