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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Right Road

It has come to my attention that yesterday was my 66th post. How on earth have I written that many random ramblings in such a short period of time?
With a fatigued and slightly poorly mind and spirit this evening, my initial tenuous thoughts turn to that which is synonymous with this figure- the infamous Route 66 highway- the most famous road in the USA and perhaps one of the most well known routes of travel on the globe.
Route 66 is of course the highway which dissects the great continent of North America from east to west and runs from Chicago to LA.
So many make this superficial, yet strangely seductive pilgrimage to the bright lights of ‘Tinsel Town’ on anything from a road bike to an RV- travelling along that one straight road without any chance of deviating or possibly getting themselves lost, even without the now essential accompaniment of a satellite navigational system!   
These thoughts lead me to ponder my regular concern of whether I am actually on the right road to success in creating a charity that proves successful in providing emotional support for those who become disabled; whilst also providing similar care for those partners or parents of such people, who become unwitting counsellors and carers as a result of disability through illness or injury.
As someone who can admit to perhaps always biting off a little more than they can chew- I have discovered that despite my dogged determination to establish this organisation, I can not help but become distracted from my goal by my desire to also improve the dreadful state of insufficient access on our transport systems and public and private buildings; whilst also becoming distracted by a desire to also improve the 'face' of disability- improving it from an antiquated perception of being substandard to 'normal' or deserved of pity or ridicule, to one which is accepted as commonplace and capable in our diverse society.

My problem is that I am SO passionate about ALL of the above issues and although my loyalty must lie with my primary quest to establish the infrastructure of psychological support, in the hope that many may consequently be prevented from experiencing any long term psychological issues of mental health conditions, such as PTSD and depression- I can not help but have a deep desire to make a difference in the access and diversity discrimination departments also.
I only wish that I had a fully working model of a body and mind, whilst also being blessed with an extra 18hrs in each day perhaps to boost! My frustration often consumes me- I simply want to tackle it all!!

From my recent consultations with an experienced psychologist, I finally have a validated and reinforced belief that what I am intending to do is going to be beneficial in preventing the above conditions.
I have received countless correspondences from those sharing mutual experiences of mine- (for which I am eternally grateful to you all and I assure you I am gradually working my way through replying to you ASAP) and I have also received encouragement from those in positions of esteemed power and knowledge, who believe that if my plans come to fruition, that they will make much needed improvement and help for those currently becoming disabled and being fixed up physically, yet sadly receiving nothing for the emotional fallout of such and circumstances.
Despite these encouragements, the fierce feelings of insecurity and anxiety that exist deep in the pit of my stomach, can not help but worry about whether I am truly on the right road?

As an evolving community that I have already received so many insights and ideas from, I once more ask you for your advice as to any deviations from this road/quest that you believe would be beneficial for me to take.
·         What really gets you fired up and frustrated?
·         Have any of you received any psychological support along your road to recovery and acceptance of your fate?
·         What do you deeply desire to be in place in terms of access, emotional care and image improvement for those with disabilities? 

As a constantly soul searching woman of strong Christian faith, I believe that I have experienced becoming disabled for a reason- as such, I endeavour to bring about these positive changes that I believe should already be in place.
Unless I am advised otherwise by you, I intend to continue to travel along this one straight road to the improvement of support for those who so desperately need it.

The support that I have so far received from those of you who have kindly taken the time to write to me through Twitter, Facebook or my blog page direct, is the thing that is making me smile today.
Thank you so much to you all. I assure you that I will respond to your kind correspondence individually ASAP.
Until tomorrow folks. Have a peaceful night and a peaceful, yet productive 23rd September 2011.
Face your fears and endeavour to make every day count if you are able.

 Please continue to contact me at discoverdisability@hotmail.co.uk

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