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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Reason to Smile- Iron Strength of Body; Iron Strength of Spirit

Evening folks. I hope that you have had a happy and healthy day today. Unfortunately I am feeling pretty poorly this evening, on top of having excruciating pain in my legs- so much like last night's, I'm afraid that tonight's post will simply be a link to another inspirational tale of human strength.
Married to an Ironman in both physical and emotional strength myself, I am well aware of just what an Ironman triathlon competition entails and just what dedication  and emotional strength is needed to even commit to taking part in one!
The Ironman Triathlon consists of a  2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle and is all topped of with a marathon run of 26 miles and takes between 8 and 16 hours to complete in competition conditions- it is most certainly not for the faint hearted and by no means an easy indertaking!
Garry signed up for his first Ironman competition six months into my treatment for my spinal injuries, as a distraction from the difficult and serious conversations that were being had at home about my treatment- (and I'm sure the fact that the competition was to take place in Australia and we would need a three week holiday in the Oz sun in order to compete didn't help too much either!).
Four and a half years down the line and Garry has now competed in three Ironman competitions and numerous marathons and triathlons.
Attending two out the three of these competitions as a supporter, (Garry actually proposed to me at the UK Ironman event), I always found it astonishing to see just how much people would choose to put their body through in the name of 'fun'!
In my able bodied life I had always LOVED running and competing in athletics events, but as I did so mainly as a sprint distance competitor, seeing these people push their bodies to the limits for over twelve hours solid was just astonishing to me!
Imagine my shock then, when I found this story this evening, about this incredible man who took part in such a competition a mere six and a half months after having major heart surgery!
This man's amazing strength of spirit, above physical strength, is what I find fascinating in this story; but I am extremely keen to stress that this situation is unique to this man and we must not compare stories, but instead be inspired to do all that we can do with our own circumstances and instead draw encouragement from the fact that others have overcome that which may have seemed impossible to them.
Well, my pain is dragging me off to my bed imminently so I must say goodnight.
Good luck overcoming your own battles and challenges that Thursday 8th September may bring.
Sleep well everyone. x

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