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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reason to Smile- A Boy of Boundless Bravery

Evening everyone, I hope that you have been blessed with a happy and able day.
Tired and tetchy with pain tonight, I will keep it short and sweet, with a Reason to Smile link to inspire you and leave you in a positive frame of mind to start another day.
The link that I enclose this evening is to the Pride of Britain website, where I found the story of one wonderful little boy- Kelsey Trevett.
Kelsey is eight years old, blind in both eyes and brilliantly brave.
As the link describes so well this fantastic boy's tale, I urge you to click on the link below rather than read a rehashed report by yours truly.
 That being said, it is this brave boy's spirit that has made me smile today and will I know set me off with a positive frame of mind tomorrow morning, whatever my range of pain and movement may be when dawn comes: as such, I will just bring your attention to a few quotes that Kelsey gives in his bio on the Pride of Britain website.

Please check out a few examples of Kelsey's views on life, then follow the link to his full story on The Pride of Britain website.

"I don't think anything is off-limits," insists Kelsey. "I find someway to do it. It's as if there's a brick wall in front of me and I just have to make a hole in it."

        After receiving the devastating news that despite treatment he was going to face his life blind in both eyes, Kelsey told his mum Jo, "You can't always have what you want Mum, can you?"

When asked what would he say to others in his situation, he said...
"Don't be angry. Don't be sad. Just get on with it. There's nothing you can't do."

It's important that kids with disabilities don't feel left out," he says. "You want to be able to do the things that your friends are doing."

I think that we should all listen to this brave boy's frank insight into life as a child who is blind. This boy's spirit is inspirational to me and I will hold the thought of his positive mindset close to me when I wake in the morning.

Goodnight everyone.
Start your day tomorrow with the thought of the spirit of a the sensation soul of Kelsey Trevett.

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