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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Reason to Smile 13th Sept '11- Fails & Failures

I hope that you have had a wonderful, if a little windy day today.

My most sincere apologies for not writing to you yesterday. Unfortunately I had to take some Oramorph , (liquid morphine for those of you who aren't addicts to the stuff like I!), as I had some hideous pain: I lay my head down on the pillow for just a moment, only to find that the next thing I knew it is 9.40am!
Although I'm very sorry for not having been in touch, I am extremely reluctant to complain about this, as it is such a rare phenomenon in my life to have had uninterrupted sleep at a normal person's hour for doing so!
The elation at this was unfortunately short lived, as it was soon apparent that the bas*##*d that is my unrelenting pain, that I thought that I may have escaped from, was still there! I could get angry about this, or I could be thankful for the rare blessing of sleep and today I choose the latter!

What I had planned to show you yesterday was a light hearted look at how ridiculous some examples of poor access are. Some of these photographs of such, really do beggar belief that they actually got all the way to the physical act of writing the sign on the pavement, without somebody saying- 'Umm, does anyone else think that this doesn't make an awful lot of sense?'!
Although surprised at witnessing examples of incompetent planning and enforcement of access when I first became disabled, I have now come to the point that I turn up to bars, restaurants and shops expecting there to be poor or often no way for me to enter the building- surely this isn't right?
Please join me in laughing at the ridiculous, unbelievable examples of people in position's of responsibility's ineptitude- but after the gasps and giggles subside, please spare a thought that those of us in wheelchairs, on sticks, who are deaf, blind or otherwise, have to contend with day in, day out.
This Friday I am due to attend my friend's birthday, at a very well known Central London club that is attended by socialites and royals alike- the problem is I've been told after my, I should check they have access, phone call, without even a sorry, (and believe it or not, that is reasonably common!), that I can not get in, so can not attend.
Knowing the image of the club, the sceptic in me wonders whether they do not pursue the small task of getting even a removable ramp for the two steps to the front door, because of their fears that somebody disabled will not fit their image.
Now I appreciate that my words here may simply be fuelled with upset and disappointment and this may not be the case, but if so, why no removable ramp which costs around £200?- Which is about the money this establishment makes from a round of drinks!
Rant over- and breathe!
Have a lovely accessible evening everyone.
If you feel enraged by the injustice of lack of access in your life; don't get mad- do something about it and email me your examples- names, addresses of the offender and ideally photographs, so that en masse we may be able to achieve, what alone we unfortunately have little chance of.
Until tomorrow everyone...  http://failblog.org/?s=wheelchair

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  1. You should name and shame the London Club in question, Kaz. That response is pretty shocking, especially when you have enquired in advance, therein offering them the opportunity to be accommodating. Your work will help change utter bul1£h1t like this. Best Wishes, love Keith, Becky and River xx