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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I Made It!

Well, I made it- tonight is my last night alone before my husband's return from his work trip tomorrow evening.
As expected, despite illness and a general relapse of my ongoing condition- I have really enjoyed the independence of living alone for the first time since I became disabled five years ago.
That being said, after eleven nights away from my rock, best friend and general right hand man- I simply can not wait to have the support and companionship of my husband back once more and to feel the embrace of that wonderful man who in two weeks time, I will have been proudly married to for two years exactly!
I am so immensely proud to call this selfless, passionate and compassionate man my companion with whom I take on all of the challenges that life throws at me each day- be them good or bad.
Together for only six months when one small car accident ripped me of the ambitious and athletic life that I loved so dearly= our lives since that fateful day have not been without there difficult and testing times: however on the 10th of this month, Garry and I will celebrate the fact that we have been married for two years and have known each other for six.
Life is invariably difficult and demanding, but in my opinion, it is those relationships that withstand those times that make our lives worth living.
I am so blessed to have a wonderful family; I am blessed to have fabulous friends and on a day to day, 24 hour, 365 day a year basis, I am so blessed to have a husband that has exceeded any childish fairytale expectation  that I may have had, of a prince whisking me away into the sunset- I got more than that, I got a best friend and a husband all rolled into one!
I have been blessed with my Garry who in his professional life as an RAF pilot is brave and loyal; in his life as a friend, a son and a brother is also ferociously loyal and generous and in his role as my husband and best friend is a wonderfully dedicated and devoted man.
I am so proud to call Garry my husband in all his capacities.
Life is nothing when you live it alone without acknowledging and admiring those who help you through your difficult days on this earth.

Today, my Reason to Smile is the thought of once more being in the arms of the man that I love, by this time tomorrow evening!
 Treasure those who love you and who reach out to you with their love ans support.

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