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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Today's Reason to Smile- Riding the Crest of Life's Wave

Today’s Reason to Smile post is about the beautiful & brave Bethany Hamilton, an incredible pro surfer from Hawaii.
Bethany was born to a family of surfers & subsequently became involved in the sport from an early age, entering her first competition at the age of eight.
On October 13th 2003, when Bethany was a mere thirteen years old, she took a surf off of Kauai’s North Shore & was shockingly attacked by a 14ft tiger shark.
Bethany lost over 60% of her blood & had to have many surgeries as a result of the attack, but sadly lost her left arm from the shoulder down. Despite what was surely a desperately distressing and painful time, Bethany incredibly returned to the water only one month after the attack!
Bethany won her first national surf title only a year after her accident & realized her dream of becoming a pro surfer three years later in 2007. Bethany puts her incredible achievements & inspirational spirit down to her strong Christian faith, something that we rarely see openly discussed in society, (what was it your Granny always told you- ‘never discuss religion, money or politics in company’); but something that nonetheless has got many people through difficult periods in their lives- such as one’s transition into life with a disability. I too unashamedly share Bethany’s strong Christian faith, something which has been a strong factor in getting me through my lowest moments over the last few years.
Whether you are religious or not- Bethany’s story is nothing short of miraculous & is impossible not to be uplifted by.

Bethany Hamilton's spirit & success have inspired me & given me a reason to smile today. What has done so for you? Please share with us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002588247268&sk=wall#!/profile.php?id=100002588247268&sk=wall
Check out Bethany’s website at  http://bethanyhamilton.com/
As well as this video of her surfing at http://magicseaweed.com/video/votd.php

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