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Monday, 8 August 2011

Stop Destroying Our Beautiful Capital & Be Proud of Our Police

Well, with all that is going on around me in London tonight, it seems that we need a ‘Reason to Smile’, more than ever!
With the Police finding themselves under attack yet again from what I can only describe as utterly mindless fools, (and that’s the polite broadcastable version!); I choose tonight to focus on the incredible amount of good that this selfless breed of people do for us and how everyday they put on their uniform to go to work to earn money to pay the rent and pay for food for their children, they are putting themselves on the line to be subjected to what the worst of mankind can throw at them.
Today’s ‘Reason to Smile’, is a link to the Sun’s Police Bravery Awards 2011.
Be inspired by these amazing stories of kindness and bravery.

God be with those courageous people who have gone out to work tonight, all over our capitol, ( and I’m sad to say that I have just heard that as well as Birmingham, Liverpool has just kicked off too)- so God bless those Police and emergency services workers all over our country, who are being subjected to such heartless actions that have no regard for humanity.
I pray for safety for all trying to sleep in London tonight, but especially for those with an illness or disability that makes them more vulnerable. I hope that peace and sense to return to our country asap.

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