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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Reason to Smile- The Perfect Chair

Hi guys, you may have seen on yesterday's Reason to Smile post, (if you managed to wade your way through last night's morphine induced ramblings that is!), that I gave you a link to the site http://www.switchsticks.com/ which is where I found my snazzy walking sticks that I love!
After spending months on end searching for these sticks as an alternative to the grey, boring and clinical looking NHS issue ones that I had been given; I then faced a further search to find a new powerchair that would allow me to travel on all terrains, whilst also allowing me a decent travel range and that would also collapse or dismantle to fit into the boot of a car so that I would be able to be taken out by friends and family.
The search finally culminated in us finding my beloved Alber Adventure power wheelchair, which I bought from

If this helps you with your personal search for the right equipment then that is great; but if it doesn't help you personally then I want to let you know that I am in the process of compiling details of all of the power wheelchairs that I came across on my search for my ultimate chair, to as soon as possible be able to provide you with a comprehensive one stop shop for all information that you need and is helpful when you first find out that you are disabled and need to start looking for the right disability equipment and resources.
In the meantime here are a few links that I found useful during my six month long search for my ultimate wheelchair.

Finally having the right wheelchair for me makes me smile everyday as it has given me back an element of my freedom and my life in general!
Good luck on your own quest for what suits you and your requirements the best.
If you have a wheelchair, or piece of mobility equipment that you want to shout about and have included in my list of recommended wheelchairs and aids, then please email me the details at kazreader@hotmail.co.uk .
I hope that you've had a wonderful Tuesday 16th August. Safe driving everyone!

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