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Friday, 5 August 2011

Reason to Smile- Our War

I’m sure that you are aware by now that my husband is a serving member of our British Military, (I was just about to apologise for mentioning this yet again, when I reminded myself of how proud of my husband and of what he does I am and that I should never apologise for expressing this); as such, this evening we were both very keen to watch the Sky+ haul that we had recorded from last night as it included BBC Three’s documentary ‘Our War’, which follows the Grenadier Guards Platoon during their six month tour in Afghanistan.
The documentary that unlike Ross Kemp’s programme of a similar ilk, was filmed by the soldiers themselves- was a wonderfully frank and at times extremely emotional portrayal of life in modern day conflict.
The reason this programme has made me smile, is because I feel it shows such a wonderful example of determination, camaraderie and the strength of the human spirit.
If you have a spare hour, do please take the time to watch this wonderfully enlightening documentary.
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