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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Reason to Smile- The Happiness Project

Apologies for the lack of a ‘Reason to Smile’ post yesterday, but unfortunately after going out with my husband for dinner and a film last night, I had to be carried to bed and have morphine administered to me the second that we got in the door as I was in quite a terrible state and subsequently unable to return from my morphine induced fog to write to you before I fell asleep.
Being physically unable to write my Reason to Smile post, made me very down indeed and ironically it made me in even greater need of focusing upon my daily positive post that perks me up so when I write it however bad the day or hours leading up to it may have been.
As a result of these factors, I felt it imperative that today’s Reason to Smile post have double the dose of positivity and happiness to make up for the lack of contact between us over the last 48 hours.
I therefore choose, (in addition to posting the picture of my wonderfully happy doggy Barley- which makes me smile every time that I look at it!), to today refer you to a wonderful website which has been of great help and support to me since I began writing my blog.
The site is called ‘The Happiness Project’, and is a blog that is run in conjunction with the book and annual by the author Gretchen Rubin; who started this wonderful movement after an epiphany she had one day whilst travelling on a cross-town bus!
Rubin realised that she never gave any thought of just what the best way and path to achieving happiness was, even though she knew that her ultimate goal in life was to be happy- she consequently decided that she would dedicate the next year of her life to the pursuit of happiness by test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.
I have found Gretchen’s website nothing short of enthralling, and have just this evening purchased her book, the no. 1 New York Times and international best seller The Happiness Project, (I shall let you know what I think, but if her website is anything to go by, I doubt that I am going to be disappointed!). I hope that you enjoy reading Gretchin's  intriguing work as much as I and perhaps start by taking a look at her Getting Started page;   http://www.happiness-project.com/happiness_project/start-.html
.... as well as her Facebook page, where you can join in with discussions that take place between her 43,000 followers on this social networking medium alone!
For those of you avid followers of my blog, ( if indeed there are any of you such people out there!), I apologise that you may have noticed that my first ever Reason to Smile post, was also a link to Gretchen’s website; so I did begin today’s post worrying that I was cheating a little by doing another referral to the Happiness Project so soon after initially featuring it; but as I had not yet then evolved these daily posts to be the reasonable length and consistency that they are today, I feel this post is indeed still valid as it focuses in a little more depth upon something that is such a huge influence and 'pick me up' in my daily life.
I hope that this second referral to this wonderful work reaches even more of you than it did before and perhaps gets those of you who may have checked it out the first time, to take another look; because in my opinion that can only be a positive thing!
Below is the general link to Rubin’s website along with a link to a particular post which started me off on Gretchen Rubin's unique way of thinking about things and pursuing happiness.

Have a happy weekend everyone. I wish you life long health and happiness!!

Gretchen Rubin- author of 'The Happiness Project', blog and best selling book.

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