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Monday, 22 August 2011

Another Night, Another Accessibility Nightmare!

Once again this evening, I tried taking a small trip out with my husband, only to be confronted with yet another issue of accessibility!
I promise you that I won't myther you with this point everyday, but it really is SUCH a serious issue!
The reason why this point is today's Reason to Smile, is because as of two days ago I had a breakthrough in my thought process and finally decided that I could either continue to get angry, frustrated and annoyed every time that I get told that there isn't anywhere to go for that wee that I so desperately need, or that I can't go to my friend's birthday dinner as there isn't sufficient access for me; or I could knuckle down and do something about it- and so I have!
After a triple whammy of access issues on Friday evening- as of Saturday lunchtime I launched my campaign- ‘No access? No Excuse!’, which  aims to tackle the complacency that has come about over the last few years, that it is somehow acceptable to allow businesses and public buildings to have insufficient access for those with disabilities.
After the DDA was passed in 2005 and there was an initial push to make improvements to the access of some businesses, I believe that people have become relaxed and unconcerned about retrobution as there appears to be nobody out there actively enforcing the law.
I appreciate that it is impractical for local authorities to pursue litigation against every small retailer, as this understandably comes down as always to cost- but I do believe that if we come together as a united voice to highlight the fact that this issue is becoming out of hand, then we can make a realdifference!
I aim to compile a list of names, addresses & photos of businesses that could be accessible, but choose not to bother.
I plan to aim high with this list, as I believe that this problem should never have got so bad. If it is in anyway possible, then I will take this list all the way to government.
I hope to name & shame the bad, as well as praise the good that do go out of their way to help. I hope that if you have faced these problems yourself or you simply share my opinion that this situation just simply shouldn't be so, then PLEASE send me examples of the bad and good out there at my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002588247268  Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/DDisability or hotmail discoverdisability@hotmail.co.uk .
If you also waste your energy getting annoyed and angry, then turn your negative into a positive too and email me just one of what I'm sure is a list of many offending businesses that you get your goat!
Rant over for now- watch your backs though, as no doubt it will be back to bother you again soon! Ta ta for now folks- don't get annoyed- get actively doing something! 

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