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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Reasons to smile...

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read my blog & for embarking upon this voyage of discovery with me. 
I appreciate that the nature of the subject of dealing with disability, may not always be the most light hearted & jovial; in order to counteract the earnestness of such, I have decided to post a daily Reason To Smile in addition to my regular posts on my thoughts & feelings pertaining to living with disability.
This daily Reason to Smile, may be a photo, thought, song, quote or video- whatever makes me stop & smile that day.
I dearly hope that these posts will remind us all that whatever we may be dealing with each day, if we spare a moment to focus on something that makes us grateful, there is always something that can make us smile; even if it is only for a few precious moments before life sucks us back into it's banal daily grind.
Happy 2nd July 2011 everyone; here is today’s Reason to Smile…

My rock; my husband; my best friend; my Monkey!- (He's going to kill me for that one!).
Garry & I have been together for five & a half years. Having only been dating a mere six months when my car crash took place; Garry admirably hastily adapted to the roles of carer & counsellor, whilst juggling them proficiently with those of boyfriend, ‘Daddy’-( to our puppy Barley!) & pilot to the RAF.
Garry has a terribly cheesy sense of humour & will always be there with a crap joke or ten should I need perking up! 
My dear husband believes that he is more 16 than 36 & despite steadily progressing along that rocky road to the big 4 0, he regularly insists upon taking up new pastimes such as dirt biking & skateboarding- I don't think I need to elaborate from here; I'm sure that it's fairly obvious that this story doesn't end well!
It's the sheer abandonment that comes with these pursuits that I find so endearing & in such contrast to the temperance & competence that Garry demonstrates in his work life. 

Garry proposed in 2008 at the end of a twelve & a half hour long Ironman Triathlon- (another of his crazy extreme pursuits!) & we were married in 2009 in full RAF white wedding stylie! It's such a cheesy clich√©, but it was truly the best day of my life!

The thought of my husband; his foolishness, bravery, patience, support & unfailing dedication to me throughout my transition into life with a disability- that makes me smile this & every day.
Happy 2nd July everyone; treasure those closest to you. They are so incredibly precious!

Barbados a month before my accident
Garry needing the wheelchair more than I on a night out on the Isle of Wight!


  1. Love you blog keep it coming say hi to Garry from me..

  2. Nice blogg keep it coming say hi to garry from me love the wards