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Monday, 18 July 2011

Reason’s to Smile- World War Wonders

The last few daily ‘Reasons to Smile’ posts have focused very much upon how circumstances & experiences in life can hugely shape our character.
With that in mind, this evening I choose to focus on those amazing people who experienced two of the most enormous & incomprehensible events in our modern day history. Today I want to remember those amazing veterans of World War I & II- those inspirational people who lived through events we could only begin to try to imagine.
These events, (although many I’m sure try to forget or repress), have no doubt shaped the lives & the characters of these brave & incredible individuals.
 Please take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch this short slideshow with commentary by my dear friend, photographer Duncan Raban.
Duncan once told me that he was once employed for a project for having an art of getting shots which express the character & joy of his subject- this is certainly true of this wonderful piece.
Lest us not forget our World War veteran’s & remember, whether either now dearly departed or resting somewhere out of sight in a nursing home- they were/are all individual people, with individual characters- not just unimaginable numbers in a history book.
Smile today when you watch this short film & remember these incredible people.

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