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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Reasons to Smile- Where to next?

Today the thing that has made me smile, is the plethora of wonderful letters of encouragement that I have received from my readers.
All of you who have taken the time to comment on my blog & rack up my inbox to never before seen sights, after only two & a half weeks of publishing; are hugely appreciated indeed.

Although I am massively grateful for all of your correspondence; the letters that have touched me the most are those from people in similar circumstances to my own- those of you who like me, understandably arrogantly assumed & presumed that you would continue to live in the same physical state as the day that you came into this world, (barring old age). To those of you who believed that you would run that London Marathon by the time you were thirty, or have taken that road trip across The States in that RV with your partner without a care in the world by the time you had your children- for all of you who have experienced dashed hopes such as these & taken the time to write to me about the feelings that these situations evoked: thank you so much.

I urge you all- from all walks of life, of all levels of disability, or even of no disability whatsoever, to continue to express your opinions & convictions to me; so that I may continue to learn from you.
I plan to continue to evolve this current system of correspondence to the point that my site has an active forum facility, as soon as I work out how to do so- (my computer skills are not the most proficient, let’s face it there isn’t much call for these things when choreographing dance routines & serving beef, chicken & fish at 36000ft in my former life as a dancer & air hostess!).
No opinion, unless offensive to others is unwelcome here. There are still so many emotions pertaining to the transition into disabled life that are taboo, simply because we do not proclaim them aloud & too others.
I take my lead from you; this is your site too- what emotional path shall we explore together next?

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