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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Reasons to Smile- Treasuring Travelling

The thing that has made me smile today is the fact that I am sat here this evening in a hotel room by myself, as Garry has had to return home for a day from our short break away, due to work commitments.
My happiness in being here alone is most definitely not because Garry & I have had a ''bust up' or anything, but because I am away from home alone for one of the first times in five years, & as a result have a surge of energy & excitement running through my body like epectricity! INDEPENDENCE is a word that has become quite alien in my life, but one that I feel excited about getting steadily reacquainted with!
This back to basics chain hotel off of junction 14 of the M4, may be a far cry from the luxury that I became accustomed to during my time as a trolley dolly, (cabin crew member for Virgin Atlantic if you want to be pedantic!)- but in a strange way I have found tonight’s experience even more uplifting & exciting as my independence is obviously much more precious today, than that of my days of gallivanting around the world courtesy of Mr Branson.
I remember fondly receiving my first rota after my six weeks training for Virgin Atlantic; giggling like a mad woman with my friend as we hastily ripped open the envelopes, I squealed with delight as I read the three letters of LAX indicating that my very first flight as a ‘Hostie’ would be to the bright lights of Los Angeles!
As the weeks went by & I proceeded to see the codes of BGI, (Barbados), HKG, (Hong Kong) & JFK, (New York), appearing on my rosta- my friend & I made a pact to never ever become complaisant about the phenomenal destinations that we would be visiting as part of our ‘job’!
Life being life, & me being someone with nothing in my life to give me the perspective that I now posses about things- however much we tried to uphold our pledge, my friends & I soon began slipping into those Hostie bad habits of complaining about getting rrostered on a four night trip to St Lucia because it was going to clash with a party back home. Utterly ridiculous upon reflection I know, but when jetting off to New York becomes a regular occurrence you soon lose all sense of perspective!.
I literally had the world at my finger tips & even got paid for the privilege, & did I appreciate it as much as I should have done- nope, I bloody well didn’t!
With that wonderful gift of hindsight, I look back on that old slim, able-bodied, newly romantically involved me & want to shout & shake her & worn her what lies so closely around the corner & that she should treasure each minute of each day, as even a stay in a glorified motel will feel like a trip to Tobago in a few years time!
We are all human & we will never appreciate to the full extent that they should be, things until we lose them- however, if my experiences & the experiences of those people who write into ‘Discover Disability’, can shift the perspective of others even a little- then surely some good can be obtained from what is perceived by those around me as a negative situation.
As I take each step along my path of embracing my new life, I can actually see the wonderfully positive things that have blossomed from this negativity. There is no doubt that each day is so much more precious to me now than it was pre- July 2006. Let’s face it, if you can perceive staying a night in a well known basic hotel chain as an exciting adventure, then you know that you are seeing things through pretty rose tinted glasses!
Put on your own floral tinted specs & try & see life as the hugely valuable commodity that it is.
Each experience in life is so incredibly precious, so do your best to see it as so today & every day.
Today, the thing that is making me smile is my independence & the simple pleasure of sitting in a hotel room alone, away from the usual prison of my flat or my bedroom! What are you valuing & feeling grateful for today? Please post on the comments section below or on our Facebook page at... http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Discover-Disability/199650300082847

 Travelling in times gone by...

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