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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Reasons to Smile- Bridesmaid Buddies!

Although I’m yet to watch the latest U.S. box office smash ‘Bridesmaids', a trailer that I saw for the film the other day made me stop for a second & remember my own wonderful ladies in waiting & reflect upon how the memories of that day make me feel.
Blessed with such dutiful friends from such diverse walks of life, I found choosing a select group of friends to wear pretty dresses in a public declaration of friendship on the biggest day of my life, pretty tricky indeed.
After much procrastination, I finally decided upon four 'singing bridesmaids', two traditional ‘bridesmaid bridesmaids’, two flower girls & two readers; plus my dog Barley & my very own Best Man- I kid you not!
(If you’re not already realising this, I don’t make decisions easily, nor do I do things by halves!).
By smiling back at me every morning from the picture of my wedding day on my dresser, (evoking some hugely uplifting memories), & by being some of the most loyal & loving of all of my wonderful friends; these eight amazing ladies & two gorgeous girlies, make me smile everyday, not just this day alone: however, it is today that I choose to declare publicly how wonderful these ladies are & how happy they make me!
Today, the thought of my wonderful bridesmaids is the thing that is making me smile- what’s doing the job for you?
Please comment & let me know. Happy 7th July everyone- treasure those closest to you, this & everyday.

My beautiful friend Charlotte, always there for me with the most eloquent of encouragements!

 My Maid of Honour & unfailing support Jayne.                    

My gorgeous God daughter Alura Rose

Stacey, Claire, Dawnie & Amy: these ladies are beautiful & talented- they made my day then & continue to do so now!
Gorgeous Mummy & daughter, Stacey & Brookie.
I'm such a lucky lady. Tell me why you feel grateful & happy today?

1 comment:

  1. Yvonne Beattie8 July 2011 at 06:42

    It's not a big reason to some but my reason to smile today is my daughter, Imogen. She is 2 and 9 months and this week she decided to take it upon herself to start using her potty and so far with no accidents (apart from forgetting to move her clothes out of he way). I plucked up the courage to take her out without a nappy on this morning and she went accident free also. Toilet training a toddler is quite daunting but she has taken it upon herself and is doing well. We are encouraging her and praising her for her efforts so I am smiling today because I am grateful for having wonderful children (if a little testing at times) and a lovely husband (also a little testing at times!) I wouldn't change them for anything. Thank you for sharing your journey.