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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Reasons to smile 6th July 2011- Thank You!

It’s exactly two weeks since going live & the number of hits on Discover Disability has just topped 2000 at 4.27am on 6th July ’11- (I assure you that I am only awake at this unearthly hour due to pain & not an excitement to see the counter top the two grand landmark: honest!).
In accordance with my daily Reasons To Smile post, I’d like to proclaim my gratitude that your support is the primary reason that I am smiling today.
Each hit, follower & comment over the past fortnight, has filled me with encouragement & although it goes without saying that every comment in response to the blog is dearly treasured; the messages that I’ve received from those of you who are battling the same, or similar demons to my own, are particularly poignant to me.
To know that already we are breaking down those self-imposed barriers, so that we may finally share with others the thoughts & feelings that we are all too often afraid to admit to ourselves let alone speak aloud to others; is heartening indeed.
To every one of you who has taken the time out of your hectic lives to read even a few lines of my rambling thoughts thus far- thank you, sincerely.
Thank you also to those of you who have taken further time to forward links, post comments, become 'followers' & write personal letters of encouragement- every one of these is hugely appreciated as I believe that the more of a following that the blog gets, the more clout we have in trying to gain awareness of the need for better psychological support for those who become disabled & for hose immediately affected by this monumental change in their lives.
It is because of my deep rooted belief in this cause that I am once again going to shamelessly ask that if you haven’t already done so, that you please forward the link of the blog on to as many others that you think may be interested & that you also click the 'FOLLOW' button at the bottom right of the main blog page.
I'm really sorry that I haven't managed to reply to all of your personal messages as yet, but I assure you that I am working my way through.
I hope that as the blog grows, so too does the understanding of disability & it’s affect on the psyche of those who are afflicted by it.
Despite the hugely negative affect that disability can have on our lives, I strongly agree with this sentiment expressed to me by an extremely brave & inspirational young woman who has been disabled from birth yet continues to be blighted by ever increasing health problems:
‘’ I love my life and although I have off days I wouldn’t change a thing as my experiences have shaped who I am today.’’
An inspiring thought from an incredibly inspirational lady. It's a thought that epitomizes embracing your life whatever form it may take; which I feel is the goal that those going through the emotional transition into disability should work towards.
The young lady’s name who wrote the message is Hayley Price- Trott & I hope that you will join me in praying, ( or sparing a thought, if you’d prefer), that her current stay in hospital is as short one & that she may begin to make progress in her present battles.
Thank you again for your time & support. Make the most of this Wednesday 6th July 2011 everyone- you won’t get another!
Until tomorrow....

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