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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Reason to Smile- Magnificent Marathon Man

Good evening everyone, I hope that your day & evening have been as pleasant as mine.

Today I have attended a very dear friend's Engagement Party, & with the time now fast approaching 1am & having being there since early afternoon, I can assure you that I am currently flagging fast! Consequently, tonight I am afraid that I am going to simply provide you with a link to a very inspiring video for today's Reason to Smile post.

This video of Eddie Kidd's recent mammoth Marathon achievement, says it all in my opinion. What an amazingly brave man & also very importantly, what a wonderful wife to support him. As somebody with a disability who is also blessed with an amazingly supportive spouse, I'd like to stress just how much most of my life would not be possible without my husband, as it appears is also the case for Eddie with his wonderful wife Sammi.

For those of you who have not as yet watched the video of this man's accomplishment, here is a link to make you smile today...

Here's to all of the wonderful husbands, wives, boyfriends & girlfriends who make possible our acheivements large & small. Garry, I love you & am eternally grateful for giving me back my life!

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