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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Reason to Smile- The Beautiful & Brave Amy Ferguson!

* With many thanks to the wonderful Duncan Raban, for photographs & the slideshow with commentary.

With life whizzing past at a hundred miles an hour these days, it is only inevitable that we should all take for granted so many things that if we were to stop the world & think for a second, we would remember to treasure & be thankful for.
As I explained two days ago, I have recently been fortunate enough to meet & get to know the incredible portrait photographer Duncan Raban.
With many years & subsequent successes in the profession under his belt- Duncan has been giving something rather wonderful back to the world in recent years, ever since he was asked to do some work with the legendary Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Having immediately jumped at the chance to get involved in such an worthwhile project; Duncan soon became part of the furniture at this incredible institution & really got to know & love many of the children & their families who were residing at the hospital.
Although all of these courageous children each had their own incredible & inspiring story to tell-  there was one little girl who on first meeting instantly touched Duncan’s wonderfully large & generous heart & soon became the focus of a series of photographs which were to document what was to be a challenging & harrowing journey for this brave little lady.
The little girl’s name was Amy Ferguson & when Duncan first met her, she was a mere three years old & already on her second heart!
I challenge you not to be touched & humbled by this wonderful story of this wonderful girl & the wonderful medical team at G.O.S. who gave her another chance at life.
Please watch this short slideshow with commentary by Duncan Raban.

Yes, life moves too quickly, & when you wake tomorrow morning, you are naturally instantly going to become consumed by the frantic daily stresses that come with trying to get the kids to school on time; with trying to fight your way onto the tube, bus or train on your journey to work; or with worrying that with ten days left until pay day, your bank account is edging that little too close to the red- all this is normal, natural & not to be sneered at as completely unimportant when you’re living in that moment in the real world. What we must remember however, is to take even a few minutes out of our increasingly hectic days, to think about stories such as Amy’s, & to use them to shift our perspective on life back to where it should be.
Life is too short; life is too fast & at times life is just far too harsh- what we mustn’t forget though is that life is also so precious, so priceless & so patently there to be savoured & respected.
Live life, love your heart & try your best to be grateful for every wonderful moment!
Be inspired today by the beautiful & brave Amy Ferguson!

For more incredible stories such as Amy's, please go to http://www.duncanraban.co.uk/

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