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Friday, 22 July 2011

One Small Step For Me; One Giant Leap For My Independence!

I hope that you have all enjoyed a lovely Friday 22nd July 2011.
I apologise that this post is a little late this evening, but I have not long been awake after spending the afternoon fast asleep with my beautiful Barley dog!
The reason why Barls & I are so tired, is because we have experienced a momentous event today- for the first time in the five years since my car accident, Barley & I have travelled a short distance by public transport alone.
In the big scheme of things, I appreciate that this is by no way monumental to anyone other than my parents, husband, dog & I- but feel that this really demonstrates how much becoming disabled can alter your perception of what an achievement is.
Although truly wonderful & inspirational in their own right; it has become evident to me over the last few years that the most sensational of achievements, can with a little dose of perspective, to an individual battling a transition into disability; be equalled by the most simple & insignificant of actions.
Everything is relative & to somebody who used to fly around the world for a career; achieving such a longed for simple task such as catching the catamaran over to the Isle of Wight to visit my parents, could seem very trivial- but when your independence has been ripped from you & you dream of just being able to make short trips such as this ALONE, finally realising this dream & making this short journey suddenly become very significant.
The euphoria I felt on wheeling off the boat onto Isle of Wight soil, was equalled to that which I used to feel on winning a race back in my able-bodied running days. With my trusty steed alongside me grinning from ear to ear knowing that he was not long away from dipping his little paws into the sea; we no doubt appeared to other travellers as a completely barking- (excuse the pun!).

Despite the pain & fatigue that has gripped me as a result of this morning’s efforts- on waking from my morphine induced slumber this evening to see the faces of my dear Mum & Dad; the joyful realisation has hit me that I did it & I did it alone, ( apart from Barls!); & that although insignificant to those outside of my immediate family, to me this is a huge achievement in my new life-an achievement that rivals my first flight that I took as an air hostess in my previous life.
Everything is relative. Be proud & pleased about your personal achievements. Do not worry what they may mean to others, it’s what they mean to you that counts!
Making this monumental journey alone is what is making me smile today!

Travelling in my 'old life', was significantly different to that of today! Both have been equally rewarding.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen,

    Just read your recent blog huni, what an achievement
    for you, and so very uplifting. On a personal note, yet again, you are such a wonderful friend,and hopefully we will be enjoying quality time together either in London or Dorset.

    With much much love.

    God Bless