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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Daily Reason to Smile- 'The Katie Piper Factor'

Today's Daily Reason to Smile  post is a story that to me utterly epitomises courage & emotional strength.
I hope that by now, most of you have heard of the tale of the incredibly inspirational young woman that is Katie Piper- the girl that shockingly had acid thrown in her face by an associate of a man that she had been dating. Incredibly, in the face of adversity, Katie built her life back up again & set up The Katie Piper Foundation which is there to help & support other individuals with burns & scars on their face or body, who have to face our cruel & unkind world & the small minded attitudes that unfortunately exist amongst us.
I have recently been reading Katie’s book & I am so appalled to hear that this amazing young woman not only survived the ordeal that we have all become so aware of; but prior to this taking place, was also subjected to a truly horrific beating & sexual assault by the man responsible for orchestrating her acid attack.
I can not possibly comprehend how dreadful this period in Katie’s life must have been for her & her family, & how hard the transition into her new life must have been.
I can only imagine that the emotional scars of this experience will never fully heal for Katie; but through her amazing work with her foundation, I'm sure that she'll be hugely inspiring to others who have to overcome similar experiences; giving them hope & encouragement that there is still a life out there for them to live.
For that reason, I smile when I think of the overall story of Katie Piper. Of course, at first it is only natural that we should feel shock, horror & even pity when we initially think of Katie’s story; but she has bravely told us not to think this & instead focus on the positive outcome that has materialized in the long run.
Katie’s story really does show us how through even the most challenging of situations- with, time, patience & understanding from others, we can achieve positive outcomes against all odds.
Katie Piper inspires me & I try to think of her story often, to remind myself of how fortunate I am in so many ways & how we can all endeavour to turn that negative situation in our lives into a positive one. With that thought in mind, I smile today when I think of the brave & inspiring tale of Katie Piper & I try my best to bring an essence of that incredible 'Katie Piper Factor', into my day!
Be inspired today; read about Katie’s story in ‘Beautiful’, by Katie Piper  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beautiful-beautiful-girl-inspiring-courage/dp/0091940761/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310674103&sr=8-1
… or watch her documentaries, ‘Katie: My Beautiful Face’, & ‘Katie: My Beautiful Friends’, on 4OD, (link below).  Be inspired today.

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